Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Boy Room

A few weeks ago, we took down Cooper's crib due to him learning how to become an escape artist. I cried as we took the bed down realizing that my baby boy was becoming a big boy. Cooper on the other hand was full of excitement at all the handy work that was going on in his room. We have been pleasantly surprised at how well he sleeps in his big boy bed! On occassion, he will get out of his bed and peep out of the door just to make sure we are still in the living room but we just tell him to get back in the bed and he runs right back to it! I have decided to do his big boy room in a firetruck theme. My dear friend, Beth Bowman, graciously painted three paintings for his room. Aren't they just precious??!!! She is so very talented! She is also for hire if you are looking for a new picture for your home! I will post more pictures of the big boy room when it is completely finished. Right now it is a work in progress.